December 2016

The Park Lane Board of Directors wishes all tenants a very Happy Holiday Season

The Park Lane Board of Directors wishes all tenants a very Happy Holiday Season

The Park Lane Board of Directors wishes all tenants a very Happy Holiday Season


July 2016

The Park Lane Board of Directors would like to report some updates to its membership. After more than 7 years of service as Board President, Mike Franco has departed from Park Lane. The Board wishes Mike nothing but the best, and as a small token of appreciation for all of his efforts over the years, has placed a plaque in the rooftop garden which he worked so hard to put together. Thank you again, Mike!

Ed Muradian will now serve as Board President, and Nadira Hardial has now become a full-time member. The Board would like to welcome Elaine Bernabe as the new alternate board member.


March 2016

Please welcome our new part-time concierge, Ms. Gladys Renteria, who will be working Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays


December 2015

The Park Lane Board of Directors wishes all tenants a very Happy Holiday Season

The Park Lane Board of Directors wishes all tenants a very Happy Holiday Season


Continuing our Beautification program we have replaced the old shabby worn out awning, with a brand new one.

Continuing our Beautification program we have replaced the old shabby worn out awning, with a brand new one.


November 2015

The Park Lane Board wishes all tenants a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Park Lane Board wishes all tenants a Happy Thanksgiving

August 2015

Removal of brick driveway, replaced by concrete to repair and prevent any further water leakage into the garage and the foundation of the building.

March 2015

The Park Lane Board of Director's are happy to announce our new superintendent Mr. Edwin Rodriguez will begin on March 9th 2015.

His contact info is 646-737-2269, email RODEDDIE07@yahoo.com. Please feel free to contact him directly for any issues or repairs you may have.

November 2014

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the Park Lane BoardThanksgiving 2014

November 2014

The Annual Park Lane Board of Director's meeting took place on Wednesday November 19 2014. The Board notified the owners that effective January 1, 2015, there would be a 7% common charge increase (4% to cover cost of living increases and 3% to cover loss of condo income from arrears, totaling over $90,000). It was decided that the current "no dog" ruling would be valid for two years at which time a new vote would be administered. The building is now looking for a new superintendent and it was decided to provide health benefits as part of the overall employment package. The Board will try to implement a system where all owners will get notifications and building information via email. Ruthann Kreingold and John Javier where both re-elected to the Board. The Board's treasurer, Ed Muradian, was honored for six years of consecutive service (see photo).

May 2014

The Board put the question “should dogs be allowed” to a building wide vote. The result was that, the majority of owners “do not want dogs”. Currently the Board is working on guidelines should a “Service Dog” be required for anyone with a physical or emotional handicap

February 2014

The Common Room on the 2nd floor after upgrading has re-opened
The Common Room on the 2nd floor after upgrading has re-opened

December 2013

Angel, Park Lane’s super enjoying the holidays at the building’s first building party
Angel, Park Lane’s super, enjoying the buildings first holiday party

Wishing all residents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to All!Thanksgiving 2013

The Park Lane Board of Directors wishes all of our Jewish residents
a very Happy Hanukkah
Happy Hanukah 2013

Mike Franco

Park Lane board of Directors held their annual meeting. In attendance was the building's attorney, accountant, Lovett Realty’s accountant and building manager. Financials were discussed and the numbers are all pointing in the right direction as the major problems and issues of the building are now behind us. The House Rules were discussed and how they are now going to be enforced. The building's President, Mike Franco was re-elected for another term and was also honored for six years of service by his fellow board members.

October 2013

All defective radiator valves have been replaced at no cost to owners. Since
the building opened these original valves have caused numerous leaks and damage.
A disclaimer was sent, that owners are now responsible for any damages from this point on
if they did not allow access to their units, for this valve replacement.

Every door on each floor (unit, stairwell and recycle room doors ) in our building are
getting a fresh coat of paint. Once completed all elevator doors as well will be painted.

Poster art have been added to the walls of the laundry room and gym as part of
our continued beautification program.

Effective November 1st 2013 the Common Roof Garden is closed. It will re-open
April 1st 2014

July 2013

The Park Lane Board is happy to announce that our full time concierge Ms. Joanne Acevedo and our Saturday concierge Mr. Carlos Sotero are now in uniforms. This raises the level of professionalism the Board wanted and it gives an overall better impression.

Annual Meeting 2011

We recently distributed to all tenants our building's first survey. We have asked for feedback on many issues. The results will give the Board an insight on how well we have done things, what people want for the future and an overall rating of issues related to the building.

June 2013

"Save the date“ - Wednesday November 20, 2013 @ 7:30 pm has been reserved for our next Annual Meeting.

Effective June 1st Philadelphia Insurance Co has been signed as our new insurance carrier for our building. We were previously under insured and the Park Lane board decided, better to pay a little more for our premiums, but be better protected. Philadelphia has an A++ rating for superior.

May 2013
The grand opening of the new and improved Common Garden - The Park Lane board hopes all will enjoy

February 2013
Gym Renovation. The Park Lane board of directors, wishes to invite all tenants to use our newly re-opened gym. With a fresh paint job, new flat screen T.V. for aerobic video exercise, rearranged equipment for better movement and coming soon a Step master machine and free standing boxing bag. We thank our board member John Javier for all of his work in this renovation project.

Annual Meeting 2011

A Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all at Park Lane

A Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas to all at Park LaneA Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas to all at Park Lane A Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas to all at Park Lane


November 2012

Park Lane Board of Directors held their annual meeting. Building improvements past and present, Local law 11, elections and common charge increases were discussed. Ruthann Kreingold was this years honoree for six years of exceptional service to her board, her neighbors, our building and to the community.

Annual Board of Managers Meeting
Scheduled for November 28th 2012

May 2012

After the 3rd floor roof replacement was finished our Common Garden was installed and had it's Grand Opening. We hope all tenants will enjoy using it. Our plan is to expand the garden a little more each spring season.

Annual Meeting 2011

Protective bridge being installed around the building, in preparation for Local Law 11 inspection and repairs work to begin.

Annual Meeting 2011

March 2012

Grand opening of the new laundry room

Annual Meeting 2011

February 2012

Capital improvement loan has been approved by owner majority vote.
The first project on the agenda will be replacement of common roof.
Work to begin in March.

Final phase of building security (elevator cameras) to be installed.

Automatic Industries-has been chosen to install new washers and
dryers. We hope all tenants will again start using the laundry room.

January 2012

Mr. Angel DeJesus has been hired as our new superintendent. He brings many years of experience and expertise to our building.

December 2011
The Park Lane Board of Directors
wishes all tenants, Happy Holidays
and a Wonderful New Year

November 2011
Board of Managers Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting was a huge success, having the biggest owner turnout ever. We want to thank everyone who joined us that evening. Lovett Realty discussed our building's financials. The loan we have applied for to pay for the necessary repairs to the building, common roof and the protective bride that will be erected. The board presented our new website and the blueprint for the future common roof garden and we held elections. As in the past we tried to answer all questions and concerns from those in attendance.

Annual Meeting 20112011 Annual Meeting, seated L-R: Brian Brown/Attorney, Ed Muradian/Board Accountant,
John Filimon/Board Vice.President, Mike Franco/Board President, Ruthann Kriengold/Board Secretary, Nadira Hardial/Board Member, Ed Rodriguez/Lovett Accountant and Roy Agoney/Lovett Building Mgr.

October 2011
Board of Managers Annual Meeting Scheduled

The Annual Board of Managers meeting Is scheduled for November 16, 2011 @ 7:30pm. All owners are invited, as we review the year’s finances, projects completed and to be done, elections and then respond to questions. Our attorney and Lovett Realty’s accountant will be present.

June 2011
New Management Company

The Board of Managers, after extensive evaluation, has decided to terminate the contract associated with BL Management.

John B. Lovett & Associates Ltd. (Lovett Realty) has been contracted to manage our building. John B. Lovett & Associates, Ltd. is a full service real estate management company with offices in College Point, Queens. They manage approximately 60 properties that comprise 10,000 units.

Roy Agoney has been assigned to our building as the Account Executive overseeing all aspects of the property and the operation of the building.

We are confident Lovett Realty will position our building on the path of stability and community.

Please see the Contact page for contact information.

March 2011

The Supreme Court of the State of New York by rule from The Honorable Justice Carol Edmead has determined under “The Business Judgment Rule” that The Board is dismissed of any action in connection to “Blum vs. Park Lane Associates”

New Superintendent

Ben Z. is the new superintendent for the Building. His dedication and hard work has shown that he will be a valuable member of our community.

Lobby Beautification

We continue the lobby beautification under the guidance of our president. Lobby plants and beveled mirrors will be installed to improve the overall aesthetics of the lobby and our building.

January 2011
Annual Meeting

We would like to thank all the owners who came to the annual meeting held on November 3, 2010. We went over a series of critical issues and the overall direction of the building. The minutes have been posted in the lobby.

Legal Concerns – Arrears/ Common Roof

Brian Brown, the building attorney, has been able to recover some arrears as we establish a solid financial base. He continues to pursue aged arrears and recover monies for the building.

Mr. Brown reports the litigation between Blum Eye Care, the sponsor, the insurance, and the building is coming to a close. Once the settlement is reached, we will forward the details to all owners.

Building Projects

John Filimon, vice president, discussed the progress on a number of projects throughout the building. This past year, the lobby and plaza has been insulated, insulation guides distributed, carpets cleaned, pest controlled, violations cleared, and security cameras installed.

In 2011, we are pursuing window cleaning, laundry room maintenance, and overall beautification of the building.


With the coordinated cooperation between the sponsor’s referral, BL management and the Parklane Board, we have secured JES as our new heating contractor. They firmly have the expertise involving our heating system and we are happy to report that this issue has finally and resolutely been taken care of.


Our new accountant Sully Chen, having completed her audit and reviewing our financials, reported to all of us at the Annual meeting our current situation and what we need to do to move forward. These figures are currently under study by the board and we will be increasing common charges shortly based on her recommendations. We are also in review on the other necessary building repairs and possible Laundry room purchase which will also entail a building side assessment.

September 2010
Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 7:15 PM. Please attend and voice your concerns. We will discuss the building’s financials, important issues, and vote for Board Members. The meeting will be held in the 2nd floor Common Room.


We wish to inform everyone that John Gabriel is no longer employed as the Superintendent. Alvaro Andrade will be the acting superintendent until a suitable replacement has been hired.

August 2010
Pest Control

In order to prevent any bugs/pests, an exterminator has been hired to spray the building on August 28th. Owners may also sign up to get their apartments done as well at the lobby desk. This will be done annually as a preventative measure.


The engineering firm Samuel & Joseph Zinman, P.E. was hired to conduct an analysis of the entire building and provide recommendations to resolve our heating issues. The first step is to insulate the second floor. Second, repair and replace any heating/circulation equipment. Finally, for condo owners to be proactive and insulate their apartments as it affects the entire building. A reference guide has been issued to all the condo owners.


Ms. Sully Chen has been retained by the building as our new accountant. She will help build the strong financial base we need to improve our community. Thanks to Mary Melendez for her guidance in finding Ms. Chen!


Mr. Brown, the building attorney, has been working to recoup arrears in order to strengthen the financial position of the building along with rectifying the unfair burden placed on the building.

Common Terrace Roof

Litigation continues with Dr. Blum’s Eye Care store. Please see the President’s letter for some additional details.

Spring 2010
Common Terrace Roof

The leak into Dr. Blum's Eye Care Store has resurfaced due to large amounts of snow and rain in the past months. The repairs completed by the sponsor did not prevent or permanently repair the leak. Tower Insurance Company has acted as counsel for the building but the building has now retained a lawyer to represent the building’s interest. There have been depositions and statements given in regard to Blum’s lawsuit against the building, the sponsor, and the contractor.

Building Attorney

Mr. Brian Brown of Melville, NY has been retained to represent the building in all future legal matters. Mr. Brown is a real estate lawyer. We hope to forge a constructive and productive relationship as we press forward through the legal hurdles discussed above.

New Board President and Vice President

Mike Franco has assumed the position of Board of Managers President. Mike Franco has been involved with the Condo Board since its inception. He brings a high degree of passion and dedication that the building needs to move forward and succeed. Best of luck to Mike!!!

John Filimon has joined the board as Vice President. Best of luck to John!!! Mary Melendez has also volunteered to be on the Condo Board. Mary brings accounting expertise along with the same passion to improve our homes.


Yaniny Ochoa, serving as the President of the Condo Board, has resigned. She has overseen multiple issues during her tenure and moved issues forward for the betterment of the building. We thank you for all your efforts. Best of luck to Yaniny!!!


Park Lane Condominiums
116-24 Grosvenor Lane, Kew Gardens, NY 11418